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Ma Chunji went deep into the front line to listen to the opinions of the masses and talked about the development of the enterprise I went to his personal contact point of the party's mass line educational practice, the General Assembly Department of truck Co., Ltd., to investigate the workshop, listen to the opinions of the masses, and talk about the development of the enterprise

on August 14 and 15, machunji, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation, braved the high temperature and drove easily to his personal contact point of "the party's mass line education and practice activities" - truck stock general assembly department 1, went deep into the workshop to investigate, listen to the opinions of the masses and talk about the development of the enterprise

at the third assembly line of the first general assembly department, the front-line employees saw that Ma Chunji did not issue documents, give notice, organize meetings and take accompanying personnel during this survey. During the two days, Ma Chunji first had a one-to-one closed door conversation with 7 representatives, including leading cadres, management personnel, professional technicians, front-line workers, dispatched workers, etc. along with the development of the new material industry supported by the state, listened to the voice of the workers sincerely, and made serious and detailed answers to the proposals on enterprise development, production and operation, technical quality, life welfare, etc

during the discussion, machunji pointed out that truck shares, general assembly department I and various on-site branches have made great contributions to the development of China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation in recent years. During the survey, the front-line cadres and workers put forward a large number of suggestions, which shows that there is still much room for improvement in our management work and there is potential to be tapped. At present, the international and domestic economies are in an extraordinary period, and the era of heavy truck industry relying on "scale, speed and quantity" is gone forever. The reason why we put forward the great project of "secondary entrepreneurship" is to realize a historic transformation of the whole group, to pursue the "quality and benefit level" as the goal, and to embark on a new path of scientific development. We should understand that this is a necessary condition for the sustainable development of enterprises and reaching the world advanced level; We should also be aware that we are now facing more difficulties than the "entrepreneurship" during the reform and restructuring

Ma Chunji encourages everyone to take the lead in completing this "qualitative transformation" as the main base of the group company in the difficult process of finding out the contact point of the gear rod when the transformation is out of tolerance. If the enterprise realizes scientific and sustainable development and improves its efficiency, it will benefit more employees and create better living and working conditions for employees

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