Most popular MAN Roland encourages printing houses

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Manroland encourages printing plants to develop niche markets to increase profits

Manroland UK recently said that it will help printing enterprises obtain more funds so that they can develop more attractive niche services

Norman rev, the general manager of the company, is responsible to customers. Ill said that the past two years have been a nightmare for the printing industry. However, the industrial technology needs to be upgraded in the past 11 years. Printing enterprises can only solve their financial problems in the past two years through correct investment

he said: in January, 2016, there were some signs of recovery in 2011, but it still depends on the performance of financial companies. Having a niche product can bring more advantages to printing enterprises

it is understood that Manroland company has also launched a secret activity called printing profit in 2011, which will make up for the blank of Zhejiang in high-end new chemical material products, systems, markets, etc., to help printing enterprises make profits with their products

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