The 30th anniversary of federal Gordon is a big re

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High quality furniture, big reward for the 30th anniversary, what are these Shenghui waiting for? On the 30th anniversary of the wind and rain, federal Gordon walked with you. Why don't you participate in such a discount? The big discount is on the federal golden guest day

30 years with wind and rain; 30 years of love and righteousness; 30 years of Youth Road, thank you for your company! On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, we specially launch the annual value package, and invite you to share it

activity time: September 20 ~ October 20

during the event, customers who purchase more than 300000 yuan can participate in the bright night of the 30th anniversary celebration of the Federation, and invite you to meet with major stars. The whole process is free, a total of 30 places, first come, first served! Please consult the federal brand store near you for details

it's time to lose it.

30 pieces in the whole house, for only 30000 yuan

on the 30th anniversary of bang, the 30 gift youth package is launched. It costs only 30000, and the whole house has 30 famous products. You can easily move home

don't miss the gift of gratitude and feedback

30 spaces Shenghui unprecedented

30 home spaces, the national unified ultra-low price gratitude and feedback

when to wait for low price

30 pieces, super low price limited purchase

30 popular low-cost products, limited purchase from 50% discount, and sold out

thank you for 30 years. Federal Gordon has launched huge discounts. Thank new and old customers. 30 years have witnessed a good brand. Federal Gordon is waiting for you




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