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For small and medium-sized households, it seems that everyone will take modern simplicity as the No. 1 choice when facing the choice of home decoration style, as does Ms. Wang of Wanrun olive city. Just finished the last holiday of this year, so I have to start preparing for the decoration. Today, Xiaobian specially arranged a modern simple decoration model room with 96 square meters and three rooms in Wanrun olive city for Ms. Wang, which is close to her house type. Come and have a look

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[Wanrun olive City 96 square meters and three bedrooms house type diagram is as follows]

[Wanrun olive City 96 square meters and three bedrooms modern simple decoration model room display]

modern simple living room:

the whole living room uses ocean blue and off white as the main tone, plus log color with light gray, trying to show the desire for the sea, blue sky and freedom. With fresh color matching, there is no furniture with carving and decoration, and there is no lack of fashion in simplicity

modern simple master bedroom:

the master bedroom also uses the blue and white main tone corresponding to the living room, and the pure white background wall is decorated with several ocean paintings. Just imagine, in the morning, open the hazy sleeping eyes, open the curtains, and the warm sunshine shines into the bedroom. People can't help but want to stay in bed for a while. It's wonderful to think about it

modern simple children's room:

because the owner's son likes to see the pirate king very much, the designer took "I'm the man of the pirate king" as the concept when designing, scattered and orderly combination storage cabinets, filled with children's fun gadgets, all showing the innocence and romance of children's childhood world

modern simple kitchen:

different from the combination of other areas, the kitchen mainly adopts three colors: Brown, white and apricot. Although the space is small, it can be flexibly arranged and neatly arranged, so the whole kitchen becomes bright in an instant

modern simple porch:

you can see that there are not too many modeling decorations in the space. They are mainly simple lines, natural logs, simple color blocks, and creative ornaments are placed on them, which are full of personalization

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