Not working on May Day, smashing golden eggs at ho

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May day is firmly not work. Schneiman doors and windows invites you to smash golden eggs

we all love may day, not because we love labor, but because we can not! Lao! Move

in order to help you get rid of the shackles of work, we conducted a lot of research and repeated experiments, and finally came to an amazing conclusion: you can better enjoy your vacation with just one simple action

many representatives from all walks of life who participated in the activity expressed great surprise at the actual effect of this action, and said it was good if they tried. Now we begin to celebrate May Day with joy

Labor Day

May Day activity: May Day is off work and smashes golden eggs at home

activity date: April 24-may 10, 2017

gift distribution: gifts will be distributed uniformly within a week after the end of the game


joy step 1: scan the QR code and enter the official account


happy step 2: check the menu "smash big golden eggs", or reply to smash golden eggs, and you can have a happy May Day

in addition, in order to reward everyone's hard work on weekdays, we have prepared a group of decorative paintings for you, so that you can smash them at home! Kim! Eggs! no Lao! Move

this is a group of geometric interior decorative paintings with distinctive personality, with fresh color matching, and a blend of modern design style and childlike charm in Nordic aesthetics. It is very suitable for young people's home style, especially you! It's you

do you think there is something missing on the wall at home













[important] please fill in your real contact information and mailing address after winning the prize, so that we can distribute gifts easily

[important] our game adheres to the principle of making everyone happy, I feel my conscience and say that the winning rate is really high

[important] when playing games, please remember your friends who don't work on May Day and are bored at home

[important] this wechat official account will regularly hold some small activities that make everyone happy. Please continue to pay close attention to us with high enthusiasm





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