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Dayou wood flooring has always been to create a natural and elegant, unique taste of wood home life as its own responsibility, using natural, fresh, environmentally friendly materials, choose Dayou flooring, is your best choice. Dayou flooring, a big brand that has remained unchanged for many years, is trustworthy to consumers

Dayou wooden floor has always been responsible for creating a natural and elegant wooden home life with unique taste. It is your best choice to choose Dayou floor with natural, fresh and environmental friendly materials. Dayou flooring, a big brand that has remained unchanged for many years, is trustworthy to consumers

1 introduction to Dayou flooring

Dayou flooring is a wholly-owned flooring brand under Zhejiang Dayou Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Dayou flooring was founded in 1991 and is one of the earliest flooring production enterprises in China. The company's products are high-quality and stable, and there are rich categories, which are deeply trusted and loved by consumers. In the industry, there are “ Genuine goods, children and old people are not deceived ” Good reputation. So far, the main business of Dayou flooring is to engage in the R & D, production and marketing of solid wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring. The products not only meet domestic demand, but also are exported to Europe and the United States

2 how about Dayou flooring

① Dayou flooring marketing network: Dayou flooring products can meet the market demand at home and abroad at the same time. They are not only exported to Europe and the United States and dozens of countries and flooring, but also have more than 500 brand stores in China, covering more than 300 cities in China

② honor of Dayou flooring: Dayou flooring is the executive director unit of China Timber Circulation Association, and the company has also passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. It has also won many honorary titles, such as the top ten brands of flooring, China's well-known trademark, Zhejiang provincial regional famous brand and so on

③ technical strength of Dayou flooring: Dayou flooring attaches great importance to independent innovation and regards science and technology as the core driving force of brand development, so it invests a lot of money to develop new technologies every year. After more than ten years of development, Dayou flooring has designed perfect production technology center, science and technology research and development center, finished product testing center, market planning center and other departments

3 Dayou flooring official website price

after reading the above introduction, I believe you must be very looking forward to the quotation of Dayou flooring official website. The following editor will share some product price information of Dayou flooring for you:

note: the price information of Dayou flooring is for reference only

Jiangnan style 9005 810*148*12 115.00

antique solid wood ash wood 910*125*12 415.00

diamond titanium glaze 20058 08*148*12 105.00

synchronous pair of flowers 5005 1218*168*12 120.00

synchronous pair of flowers 5003 1218*168*12 120.00

hand grip pattern nostalgia 3005 1216*167*12 108.00

it is not accidental that Dayou flooring can develop and is still developing so far.I believe from their enterprise purpose “ Strive for survival with quality, seek development with science and technology, and win the market with reputation ” It can be seen that they are trying to innovate and develop in the direction of “ The first brand in China's wood flooring industry ” Our goal is to move forward




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