What are the common traps of decoration quotation

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In order not to spend unjust money on decoration, some owners will strictly review the quotation of the decoration company, but after all, the "Tao is a foot high, the devil is a foot high". The decoration company often uses the owner's "ignorance" in the quotation to bury the quotation trap, so that the owner is defenseless. Now let's take a look at some common decoration quotation traps and solutions

what are the common traps of decoration quotation

decoration quotation trap 1: lower the price of a single item to induce customers

some owners have a better understanding of the price of floors and tiles, but they don't know the labor cost of installing floors and tiles, so they reduce the price of floors and tiles, but they are slaughtered by the boss on the labor cost

solution: look at the decoration quotation, don't just focus on the single price of a certain building material, but combine the costs of labor, loss, machinery and other aspects as well as other projects. If you find that a certain price is particularly low, then you have to review the prices of other projects. Or, find a knowledgeable friend to give some advice, don't just try to get cheap

decoration quotation trap 2: omit some main materials to reduce the quotation

some main materials are deliberately omitted from the decoration quotation. The owner is attracted by this quotation with reasonable overall price and signs up readily, but in the next decoration process, the owner will continue to pay out for the forgetting of these evil intentions of the decoration company

solution: villains first and gentlemen later. According to the design drawings, it is required to write clearly all the main materials in the decoration contract or agreement, and indicate whether the buyer is the decoration company or the owner himself. Generally, the main materials that are easy to be omitted are the materials used for corners, such as background walls and ceilings

trap 3 of decoration quotation: blur the brand and specification of main materials

this is a commonly used trick of nonstandard decoration companies. Although it states that some materials are needed and the quantity of materials is required, it does not state what quality, brand and specification materials are selected

solution: the decoration company is required to clearly mark the quality, grade, specification and model of the materials used on the budget table for future installation and use

decoration quotation trap 4: secretly changing the unit of measurement of materials

the owner rarely pays attention to the units on the quotation, and not knowing different units means that the quotation number deviates greatly. For example, it seems reasonable to customize a shoe cabinet. In fact, there is no explanation about the size of the shoe cabinet, leaving enough opportunities for later decorators to exploit loopholes

solution: in many projects, it is still recommended to calculate according to the actual area, such as wardrobe, shoe cabinet, etc., and try not to take 'item' as the unit, so as to avoid errors in the decoration process

decoration quotation trap 5: the construction process is ambiguous

looking at the numbers without looking at the text description is a problem that most owners often make when looking at the quotation. They always feel that a digital error will cause losses, and the text description must be unable to do anything, which is not the case. Many construction projects may cause trouble as long as they miss a process

solution: this needs the attention of the owners themselves. When checking the quotation, you should also pay attention to the small words. The more marginal words are, the easier it is to hide big omissions





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