Most popular magmett cooperates with Shenyang Mach

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Meggitt and Shenyang machine tool group have cooperated to promote CNC system. Shenzhen meggitt is an independent and innovative technology-based enterprise with a complete R & D, manufacturing, sales and service system, which organically combines the business links of end customers, product R & D, technology accumulation and aluminum industry after years of development, industrialized production, system integration and customer-friendly services, Constantly grasp market opportunities and develop high-quality customer groups. Recently, with the goal of adopting personalized and intelligent products closely combined with LCD measuring system products for machine tool impact test models, Shenzhen meggitt company has formed a strategic partnership with Shenyang Machine Tool Group to jointly develop, produce and integrate CNC numerical control systems. Industry insiders believe that the introduction of the CNC system has important strategies for reducing the procurement cost of the domestic CNC system, improving the competitiveness of machine tool products, and improving the safety of the domestic pillar machine tool industry, which is also the local significance that Jigu distinguishes itself from other manufacturers

in recent years, meggitt's brand reputation and market share have been continuously improving. The company attaches great importance to long-term strategic cooperation with customers, follows customers' personalized needs, strives to become an important part of customers' supply chain, and increasingly participates in customers' early product demand formulation and scheme development. Numerous high-quality customer resources ensure the steady and sustainable growth of meggitt's business in fact

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